Business Development & Licensing

Business Development & Licensing

Who are we?

Vifor Consumer Health plays a leading role in the Swiss OTC market with strong products such as Algifor®, Perskindol®, Triofan®, and Anti-Brumm®. We are always looking for innovative OTC products for Switzerland.
Vifor Consumer Health is a company within the Galenica Group.

What do we offer?

  • Market expertise as one of the largest OTC actors in Switzerland
  • Unique sales organization
  • Unique training concept for pharmacies and non-dispensing chemists
  • Professional OTC marketing, key account, sales, regulatory, medical, quality, R&D and customer service teams on site; experience in product launches
  • Specialist knowledge for transforming an innovative product into a business success

What are we looking for?

  • In-licensing of innovative OTC products for Switzerland (including medicinal products, nutritional supplements, biocides and cosmetics)
  • The sale of innovative OTC products in Switzerland (including medicinal products, nutritional supplements, biocides and cosmetics) with a focus on (ideally with CTD dossier, medicinal products/cosmetics/nutritional supplements to be reviewed, but not a priority): 
    - pain and inflammation 
    - musculoskeletal system & sports
    - cough and cold
    - nasal care
    - gastrointestinal
    - vitamins, minerals and supplements
    - skin and hair / dermatology
    - eyes / ophthalmology / ears
    - weight loss and weight control

What are we not looking for?

  • In-licensing of OTC generics, products that are in early stages of development / clinical trials

Medicinal products that require a prescription

For prescription drugs, Vifor Pharma Switzerland provides sales structures, covering general practitioners as well as specialists, and has recognized experience and expertise in many therapeutic areas. More information: BD & L Vifor Pharma


Vifor Consumer Health Ltd.

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