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Working with third parties when recruiting staff

Vifor Consumer Health has its own Sourcing & Recruitment Team so we only work with third parties in exceptional cases.

Requirement for cooperation

All third parties who want to work with Vifor Consumer Health on staff recruitment projects must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The third party has an official licence for staff recruitment or temporary staff in Switzerland. Vifor Consumer Health only works with partners who adhere to the Swiss Employment Services Act (AVG).
  • The third party has signed the Vifor Consumer Health Terms & Conditions (T&C).

Third parties who meet these requirements are added to the Preferred Supplier List (PSL). This PSL is revised once a year.

The cooperation process

Should Vifor Consumer Health decide to release a position to third parties, they will be contacted directly according to the T&C. Candidate documents must then be submitted via the third party's separate login using the e-recruiter.


Vifor Consumer Health does not accept candidate submission by unsolicited third parties. Candidates presented by unsolicited third parties (e.g. recruiters, headhunters, etc.), will not be considered, nor will a contractual relationship be formed by the submission. Vifor Consumer Health is not obligated and will under any circumstances not pay any fees to said third parties submitting candidates in this manner.


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